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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Taipei

Roy van Rooijen

ShihJing Coworking Space

"Great quiet space with lovely helpful staff"

Roxanne Lien

Kafnu Taipei

"No place like here "

Lin Yihan

SkyCo Coworking Space

"The right place to start your business"

于禎 王

SkyCo Coworking Space

"Super cozy , 24-hour access through fingerprint & facial recognit..."

Mai Bach

Ooh Cha Cha Tech

"Nice place to spend a day"

Sam Marks

the Hive Taipei

"The workspace you want to go to everyday."

Maria Parshina


"Calm working spot"

Cheng Irene

Hun Coworking Space

"great location, amazing community, nice staffs."

Justin Lin


"Bravo! is all I need to say!!"

Bravo Taipei


"Bravo! is all I need to say!!"

David Chou

102 Coworking Space

"Perfect Workspace"

Jacqueline Lin

The Executive Centre

"Great location- literally 2-mins walk from the subway and chic fa..."

Kevin Hsueh

The Executive Centre

"Beautiful yet professional."

Amanda Fang

The Executive Centre

"very cost effective and excellent surrounding"

Emma Chen

The Executive Centre

"Creative, professional, comfortable space with natural lighting"

Joe Lo

The Executive Centre

"best business center ever"


FutureWard Taipei

"The right place to start your business!"

Eric Chiou

FutureWard Taipei

"Flexible ~ Convenient Location ~ Friendly Staff ~ Full Amenities"

Boyea Lai

Changee - Creative House

"It's a very comfortable place."

Richard ZC

FutureWard Taipei

"Loving this place!"

博暘 伍

Changee - Creative House


Ravi Nataraju

FutureWard Taipei

"You need a space to scale :) This is the one"

Darice Chang

FutureWard Taipei

"HUGE Space with Great International Focus"

Katsuaki Tsuji


"Confutable & Pay for Value"

Nam Phuong

FutureWard Taipei

"Huge Space with Amazing People!"

Nam Phuong

CLBC - Flagship

"One of the Best in Taipei!"

Nam Phuong

Project 0.1

"Favorite Coworking Space in Taipei!"

Nam Phuong

Changee - Six Plows

"Great space for freelancers!"

Nam Phuong


"Love the space!"

Nam Phuong



Nam Phuong

International Entrepreneurship Hub

"Very cool space! Highly recommend!"

Nam Phuong

Changee - Work Nest

"Perfect Location! Great vibes"

Nam Phuong

Changee - Creative House

"I love this place. It feels like home!"

Rhytha MK


"Easy to chat up with entreprenuers"



"Very nice location , and very kindly staffs ."