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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Malaga

Manuel Deutsch

The Living Room

"Just came over and worked"

Ian Moss

The Living Room

"One of best coworking communities there is. Join to meet the peop..."

Marko Himanen

The Living Room

"Absolutely brilliant and vibrant place "


The Cowork Spot

"Perfect place to work and share."

Lukas Birngruber

The Living Room

"Perfect to jump start your digital nomad career "

Alex Strange

The Living Room

"Best Co-working community I have luckily been part of!"


The Living Room

"Nice place and cool owners !"

Floren Ferretto

The Living Room

"I would choose it again for working more days."


The Living Room

"Couldn't ask for more"

Katherin Yarza

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Mi co-working -hunting in Malaga ended when I found ICampus :) "

Ari Kräger

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Coming to iCampus is the best decision!"

Esme Fegan

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Modern space, cool co-workers, central location & cosmopolitan at..."

Simone Tioli

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Awesome co-working space in Malaga city center!"

Ben Thnt

Innovation Campus Malaga

"The place to co-work in Malaga!"

Nick Aurelius

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Malaga - Great co-working"


The Living Room

"Huge community"

Adrian Nelson

Innovation Campus Malaga

"A place I love, for working and networking!"

Nicole Brown

Innovation Campus Malaga

"Bright and stylish space with a great international community"

Danny Forest

The Living Room

"Great community, check! Great location, check! Great wifi, check!..."


The Living Room

"Best coworking space in Málaga"

Michael Anillo

The Living Room

"More than a coworking , a community"


The Living Room

"3 Months in TLR"

Ellany Lea

The Living Room

"Super warm family, lots of laughs at lunch time and amazing activ..."

Duncan Thomson

The Living Room

"A vibrant community and easy place to work"

Anna Lara

Metropolitan Design Lab

"Best location in Malaga!"

Matt Kowalak

The Living Room

"Awesome office, great location, amazing value and the coolest peo..."

María Godoy

The Living Room

"An amazing week!"


The Living Room

"Great atmosphere and very professional"

Paul Greene

The Living Room

"An excellent working and socializing experience."