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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Pune

Varshali Unde

ThinQ Tank

"Happiest working place ever! "

Tanuj Warjurkar

ThinQ Tank

"My experience at ThinQ Tank Co-working: "

Govind Kabade

Que Spaces

"Loved the vibe and Convenience to reach the location "

Atul Kanknala


"Experience at ELDECA "

Mayank Trivedi


"Excellent "

Aditya Tripathi

Co-Win Coworking Spaces

"Excellent Working Space"

Wasim Shaikh

Pocket Spaces

"Pocketspace coworking Excellent space creation very good location..."

Pranay Mathankar

Co-Win Coworking Spaces

"Satisfied with the service"

Shalaka Muley

Qabila Cowork


Preshit Walhekar


"Fruitful client meet at a convenient location."

Rohan Agarwal


"Excellent Infrastructure and support staff"

Dayanand Sutar

TBL Space

"Good coworking space"

Moni George

Yooco Red

"Just Superb"

Avinash Labyagol

EFC Coworking

"Board Room Meetings"

Sahil Hinukley

Yooco Red

"Trendy environment "

Shweta Singh


"Great idea! Affordable spaces at flexibility for short term "

Raj Soni


"best coworking space with best location "

Chetan Rana

Suave Spaces

"Peaceful place for productive work"

Jyoti Sharma

Fuel Spaces

"Indeed fuels your day. Great co-working space, amazing munchies r..."

Ghanshyam Murai

Suave Spaces

"Complete Solutions for Office Spaces"

Ajinkya Patil

Bootstart Coworking

"Great Experience "

Abhiraj Kulkarni

Bootstart Coworking

"One of the best spaces in Pune"