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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Athens

Billy Pod

Selina Athens Theatrou

"Great experience at Selina Theatrou!"

Alex Huang

Stone Soup

"As much a community as a coworking space!"

Pedro Oliveira

Stone Soup

"Amazing place with amazing people"

Kiara Bantalouka

The Design Quarter

"Great spot in the heart of the city "

Panos Ladas

Tzaferi 16

" has the offices here for the last 2 years"


Stone Soup

"Amazing and supportive coworking space!"

Japman Kharbanda

Stone Soup

"A friendly coworking community"

Patrick Farrell

Impact Hub Athens

"Amazing Space with a great community"

Cole Hickman

The Cube

"Was desperate for a place to work, couldn't have been more impres..."

Maria Varouta

Tzaferi 16

"A happy race!"


Tzaferi 16

"Tzaferi 16 - The Vibrant Hub"


Tzaferi 16

"Ideal workplace!"


Tzaferi 16

"It is great to work here!"

Pavlos Rizos

Tzaferi 16

"Amazing coworking space"

Tadeusz Mollin

The Cube

"An oasis for work in Athens"