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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Hamburg

Kathi Haase

Quartier 33 | Coworking in Hamburg Winterhude

"Das Licht durchflutete Büro hellt die Arbeitszeit auf!"

Julia Enders

Wire Hamburg GmbH

"Very nice open office space!"

Sophia Heinemann

Die Diele

"Perfect workspace and great coffee! "

Lucas Oppermann

Die Diele

"Great Space with personal and productive Atmosphere!"

Frank Ohlsen

CoCreating Space

"Toller Platz zum Arbeiten"



"beehive offers highest quality to fair prices"



"Simple, flexible, Efficient"

Dirk Bathen

Betahaus Hamburg

"Great location, vibrant atmosphere, inspiring people"


Betahaus Hamburg

"Great place to work - and meet 'n' greet!"

Torsten Roth

Betahaus Hamburg

"Great Coworking Place "

Tobias Zwior

Betahaus Hamburg

"Hamburg's Finest Co-Working"

Sandra Roggow

Betahaus Hamburg

"Feels like home!"

Tobias Zwior

Betahaus Hamburg

"Co-Working at it's best"


Betahaus Hamburg

"Amazing space, inspiring community - I feel at home @ Betahaus Ha..."

Marco Zahn

Betahaus Hamburg

"What a place to work <3"

Marco Pöhler

Betahaus Hamburg

"Silence or no silence that is the question..."

Clara Roethe

Betahaus Hamburg

"not just a space, but a community"

Jan C. Rode

Betahaus Hamburg

"Inspirational hub in the creative heart of Hamburg"

Maren Ehlting

Betahaus Hamburg

"Great place, great people"

Michael Visser

Betahaus Hamburg

"Great place to get work done, and then play! :D"

Lars Brücher

Betahaus Hamburg

"Best coworking space in town"

Patrick Gruel


"Unique Area"