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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Tallinn

Paul Christensen

Taru Viimsi

"Professional environment"

Oliver Loit

Taru Viimsi

"Warm, quiet and cozy - feels just like home."

Nik Blanarik

Taru Viimsi

"Great space to think and work in peace!"

Allan Kool

24/7 Office (Nõmme)

"I just love it! "

Katre Tamp

24/7 Office (Nõmme)

"A wonderful new coworing space!"

Johnny Vasquez


"Great community with a cozy, unpretentious vibe"


Taru Viimsi

"Beautiful place to get your work done. "

Serge Bajic

Spring Hub

"Very productive environment"

Andreas Beger

Spring Hub

"Great place to get work done"

Kerti Alev

Spring Hub

"Great new coworking place"

Hans Bokmann

Spring Hub

"Best coworking place in Tallinn so far - inspiring place to work ..."

Marek Meiesaar

Spring Hub

"The best co-working space in Tallinn!"

Marko Sulamägi

Spring Hub

"Awesome place to co-work"

Villu Uus

Spring Hub

"Best option in Tallinn"

Andres Ruul

Spring Hub

"Great place to work :) "

Joonas Püüa

Spring Hub

"Member since January 2017"

Jonatan Karjus

Spring Hub

"Perfect place where to work in Tallinn"


Spring Hub

"Co-working space that ROCKs :)"

Pille-Riin Kokk

Spring Hub

"Great place"

Kaspar Triebstok

Spring Hub

"Its the people"

Kadri Märtin


"Centrepoint of the local startup/creative scene. Life is bubbling..."

Georg Rute

Spring Hub

"Great community and atmosphere "

Mikk Vainik

Spring Hub

"Spring is here all-year-round!"

Taavi Kalvi

Spring Hub

"Quality co-working space & amazing community!"

Henri Treude

Spring Hub

"Hub dedicated to start-ups and getting things done."


Spring Hub

"Great co-working environment"

Tauri Hütt

Spring Hub

"Quiet working zone and comfy kitchen/event/meeting room area"

Mart Laul

Spring Hub

"Great atmosphere with amazing people"

Eve Anijärv

Spring Hub

"Best place ever!"

Merit Vislapu

Spring Hub

"Great coworking space in Tallinn!"

Adam Rang


"An amazing place to work"

Mari Hanikat


"Super comfortable coworking space with excellent amenities, quali..."



"Bright, fresh and lively"

Felipe Millan


"The only place to get work done in Tallinn"

Zheng-hao Chen


"It's not just an awesome coworking office! "

Robert Jakobson


"A well-situated great place to work"



"Top notch coworking spot in Tallinn"

Merilin Lukk


"Working in the creative heart of Tallinn"

Susanne Valley


"Height adjustable desks at co-working space!"

Mari-Liis Andre


"Peaceful coworking space!"

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