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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Toronto

Guillaume Liss

Bloomsbury Chambers

"Absolutely not what is advertised"

Graeme Gillies


"Perfect! Highly recommend"

Gabi Eliasoph

The Collective Workspace

"A dream for designers and architects!"

Vanessa Hussey

Northspace: Don Mills

"Gorgeous and comfortable!"

Claudia Mandekic

QSLA Learning Centre

"Cool, comfortable, hidden gem"

Derek Williamson


"Awesome space! "

Nader Balata


"Exceptional working space for individuals and teams."

Suzy Macar

Hivers Workspaces

"Hivers Co-Working space is great!"

Jake Dunat

Hivers Workspaces

"Love this place"

Madison Maidment

Workhaus Bay Loft

"A Hidden Gem"

Anila Kaveri

Workhaus Castle

"Workhaus Castle , cool , fantastic place to work out of"

Anila Kaveri

Workhaus Commerce Court

"Several locations downtown/ Access to all "

Alex Tzecu

Acme Works

"This co-working pace is awesome!"

Michelle Gao

Bloomsbury Chambers

"Professional space and friendly staff"

Stone Yu

Bloomsbury Chambers

"Bloomsbury is a warm, inviting yet professional space with all th..."

Annie Beamish

Workhaus Sky Parlour

"Spectacular views of downtown Toronto!"

Annie Beamish

Workhaus FiDi

"Beautiful and Modern space"

Annie Beamish

Workhaus Commerce Court

"Phenomenal space with a vibrant community"

Vanessa Bride

Workhaus FiDi

"Productive work space, great community! "

Jasmine Pickel

Workhaus FiDi

"Great place to work & grow!"

Rachel Surman

Workhaus FiDi

"Love Workhaus! "

Dave Wood

Workhaus FiDi

"Collaborative work environment at its best"

Mike Wang

Workhaus FiDi

"Increased My Productivity"

Oleena Mak

Workhaus FiDi

"Awesome space, awesome people"

Elliot Ngai

Workhaus FiDi

"The Place to be!"

Talia Crockett

Workhaus FiDi

"Changed the Way I Work"

Adam Mawer

Workhaus FiDi

"You're Among Friends at Workhaus "

Jason Ko

Workhaus FiDi

"Workhaus, more than a workspace "

Sai Sumar

Workhaus FiDi

"Love it!"

Brian Lee

Workhaus FiDi

"Awesome! "

Nick Topfer

Workhaus FiDi

"Excellent work environment"

Juan D'Alta

Workhaus FiDi

"100% Workhaus"

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