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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Plovdiv


Networking Premium Coworking (Plovdiv)

"The best excellency !"

Gergana Ganeva

Networking Premium Coworking (Plovdiv)

"Great place to work in the heart of the old city"

Stefan Iliev



Georgi Bakalski


"One of a kind COWORKING space in plovdiv"


Cat and Mouse Coworking

"Cat and Mouse is a dream comes true place for every digital nomad..."

Nikolay Nikolov

Cat and Mouse Coworking

"Fantastic place!!!!"

Krum Panchev

Biz Labs

"By far the best coworking space in Plovdiv."

Laurent Terrijn

Cat and Mouse Coworking

"Excellent Place in an AWESOME city!"

Veselin Valev

Achiever's Business Center

"Love it!"

Euvie Ivanova

Biz Labs

"Centrally located space with very fast WIFI"