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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Vienna

Jack Anderson

The Base Margareten

"One of the best co-working space Great atmosphere "

Volina Şerban

The Social Hub

"Not just a co-working space"

Elena Ardelean

The Social Hub

"great collab!"

Roberto Arrucha

The Social Hub

"Inspiring Space"


House of Bandits

"Great People, Great concept and potential :)!"



"Meine 7 Jahre in dieser Bürogemeinschaft"

Al Cox


"Great Space!"

Jakob Entholzer

Artwork Coworking Space

"Good working atmosphere"

Débora Edelberg

WorkRepublic Vienna Schwarzenbergplatz

"Awesome quiet and complete space"

Alexander - Coworking Center Lassalestraße

"Finally a network of spaces for the digital nomad! - please more!"

Filip Hamdan

Die Tischlerei

"Oasis of peace"



""I'm very happy I found it and can only recommend it""

Nik Blanarik

ZI8 Coworking & Event Space

"Great space to work!"

Nicos Rafidhias

ZI8 Coworking & Event Space

"Beautiful place "

Jolly Schwarz

House of Bandits

"Comfortable and friendly work environment with a huge fun factor!"

Stefan Yazzie

House of Bandits

"Interesting cooperative concept!"


Das Packhaus

"Amazing staff, best place in Vienna!"

Sophia Beatrice

Der Fotocoworking Space

"Fühl mich rund um wohl!"

Luke McConaghey

Loffice Wien

"Cosy space with friendly hostess"

Luke McConaghey

Das Packhaus

"Packed full of goodness"

Ian Dodd


"Classy place"

Anna Reiss

"Best location in Vienna for a Co-Workingspace!"

Ake Ahonen

Das Packhaus

"Inspiring & peacefull co-working "

Kay Burki

Das Packhaus

"Good atmosphere "

Serge Bajic

Loffice Wien

"Hotdesk area not for longer stays"

Felix Frey


"Great place to work! Wonderful people, lovely atmosphere, good vi..."

Dominik Guzei


"Cosy Place with Awesome People"



"Incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere"