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A small town in southern Luxembourg with about 7,157 souls meandering around its streets, hanging out in cafes slurping espresso or running to a coworking venue to get some stuff done, Bettembourg has a castle, Bettembourg Castle, perched in the middle of the city. This quaint town began in 1733 when a farming family built their home, which today is the town hall of the city. This is somewhere to run to if you want your own space where you can let your imagination run riot and don't have to put up with smog filled city streets or traffic mayhem.

Bettembourg may be small but it's big in attitude, as it's a part of the Luxembourg startup ecosystem that is growing richer and more edgy by helping companies to innovate. The number of startups is growing with each passing year and there are multiple initiatives being launched on a local scale, such as accelerators and incubators catering to different niches under the one roof. Startups are getting creative and being able to test their solutions in a real context with potential clients, which is a "win win" situation for both entrepreneurs and established companies.

Coworking in Bettembourg is giving its eclectic locals the place to get professional and collaborate when the fancy takes them.

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