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Sitting in the northwestern Prefecture of Chiba, Kashiwa is locally referred to as "Little Shibuya", due to its plethora of shopping venues. The shopping mecca city has a population of 411,602 with its name referring to "Quercus dentata" or commonly known in English as the daimyo oak. Its name can be written with the quick dash of one single kanji character.

Sitting only 25 minutes on a rapid train from Tokyo's Ueno Station, this is not a destination to spend days in. It is the Holy Grail for those that want to shop, full stop. From high-end to vintage and second-hand, you will run out of hands to carry your stash. Make sure you check out the weird and quirky pet shop "Vampire" near the Kashiwa station as you can pick up a monkey, a bat, a snake or a turtle or two, but beware of the pig that is a long time resident tied up at the front of the shop. If you like to play dress-ups, then make sure you are in Kashiwa either the last week in July or the first week of August for the annual Kashiwa Festival when drums are banged upon, kimonos reign and you can stuff your face with all sorts of local treats.

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