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As the birthplace of both Christopher Columbus and the delicious pesto sauce, Genoa is one of Italy’s most culturally dense cities. The 6th largest city has had a strong economy for centuries due to its Port of Genoa. Even today, the Port of Genoa is heavily used and offers a great view at night. More importantly, however, the city’s excellent historic wealth shows in its beautifully maintained architecture. Historic building, along with modern constructions such as the city’s multiple coworking spaces make it a pleasure to walk through Genoa.

Genoa also has excellent infrastructure due to its accumulated wealth as a trading hub. Public transportation and network connections are top-notch in the city. That’s likely the reason Genoa hosts a number of top Italian companies such as Piaggio Aerospace, Costa Cruises, and energy company Edoardo Raffinerie Garrone. The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), which boasts an excellent history developing startups, also calls Genoa home.

Joining a coworking space and attending community events is likely the best way to network in Genoa. The city has an aging population that’s eager to share their accumulated knowledge with the next generation of hustlers. After a long week of work, Genoa offers excellent opportunities to socialize too.

The most highly recommended options are browsing the classy shopping options or enjoying an ice cream on the beach or along the beach promenades. Younger professionals will have abundant opportunities to learn from those more experienced in their industry. Startups and more experienced professionals will enjoy networking with the city’s established entrepreneurs and investors. Regardless of your professional situation, Genoa offers a safe laid-back lifestyle and unique economic opportunities.

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