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In a country where the government will block the Internet in times of political upheaval especially social media sites, the Congo may not be everyone's cup of tea to set up shop with their laptop.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (aka the Congo) sits in Central Africa suffering from the similar problems of its neighbors: Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Zambia and Angola. The second largest county in Africa, it is the 11th largest in the world with a population of over 79 million. Torn apart by civil war, home to multiple groups of UN peacekeepers, it is the land that has been stained by too much bloodshed.

There is deep-seated corruption, a great lack of infrastructure, immense political instability and ranks 176 out of 187 countries for the level of human development. Its Internet penetration is a mere 6.1% of the population that is predominantly made up of its youth accessing social sites. Only the most affluent souls have Internet access in their homes with the others making use of cyber cafes dotted around.

The shining light for African success is Congolese tech wonder, Vérone Mankou who is the father of Africa's first tablet and the first African smartphone. Nicknamed the "African Steve Jobs", he symbolizes African success for the young population.

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