Agora Space

Joined June 2016
Building 9, Panyu Road 1199, Xuhui district, 1, Shanghai, China
Starting at 1160.00 CNY/month
1 month min. Term Prices & Fees

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details.


Agora Space is a unique coworking space hosting a highly collaborative community of workers, freelancers, and start-ups from diverse cultural backgrounds and industries. High-speed internet, staff on demand and clean air quality are only some of the perks offered by this coworking space, all while being located nearby 4 central metro lines and plenty of bus lines.
Agora Space consists of four separate locations which allow for dedicated working spaces and networking areas, all equipped with kitchens and free tea or coffee facilities. The most dynamic space is a renovated bomb shelter, transformed into an active vault bustling with offices and meeting areas, both decorated and functional. The newest area is more intimate, boasting 8 private offices and quiet working spaces. The lively community supports the sharing of skills and experiences through conferences, cooking events, coding workshops, personal development activities, and sustainability initiatives.

24/7 member access

clock_icon_img Opening Hours

24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthCNY 1160.00 24 HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthCNY 1460.00 24 HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
21 MonthCNY 2720.00 24 hoursEnquire
41 MonthCNY 5040.00 24 hoursEnquire
51 MonthCNY 6300.00 24 hoursEnquire
61 MonthCNY 7260.00 24 hoursEnquire
81 MonthCNY 9280.00 24 hoursEnquire
101 MonthCNY 11600.00 24 hoursEnquire

Membership: Hot Desk / Open Plan

# People
Access Hours 24 Hours
CNY 1160.00

Membership: Dedicated Desk

# People
Access Hours 24 Hours
CNY 1460.00

Membership: Private Office

# People
Access Hours 24 hours
CNY 2720.00
Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Standing Desks
  • Beanbags
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • pic Host Space
  • Dual / Single Monitors
  • Sound Recording Equipment
  • Video Recording Equipment
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Computers (PCs)
  • Computers (Macs)
Relax Zones
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Yoga Studio
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
  • Co-living Accommodation
  • Childcare
  • Makerspace
  • Personal Lockers
Cool Stuff
  • Library
  • 5 Minute Walk From Public Transit
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • 24hr member access
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Alcohol available for purchase
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Tea
  • Free Coffee
Building 9, Panyu Road 1199, Xuhui district, 1, Shanghai, China

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Very Good
Sachin Shah
  • 1 Review
  • 4 Helpful Votes

"So much more than a co-working space…"

    July 2019

    Agora Space is a wonderfully welcoming and diverse community making it a great place to work but also to have fun and make new friends. Located in a former bunker, the underground environment offers a great vibe and atmosphere whilst also providing superb WiFi speeds and connectivity + really good coffee… What more could you want? It should also be noted that everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly making this an excellent setting for freelancers and those new to Shanghai. In addition, there are variety of events and activities each week ranging from yoga and cooking to coding and business so there really is something for everyone and it provides a great opportunity to interact with and get to know other members.

    4 Thank Sachin

    Hanna Shin
    • 1 Review
    • 2 Helpful Votes

    "Amazing CoWorking Space and where to find a good community "

      July 2019

      As a freelancer working at Agora Space, I would say Agora Space is one of the best co-working places you will find in Shanghai. Not only they have a reasonable & affordable desk price but also the co-working atmosphere is very calm and friendly. Working at this space, you WILL find the best people and the community. Also since this is not JUST a co-working space, you encounter lots of amazing people, and get more chance to grow your business. OH and LET'S NOT FORGET THEY HAVE THE BEST INTERNET IN SHANGHAI !! ;) Definitely a 5 star co-working space

      2 Thank Hanna

      Yanick Landry
      • 1 Review
      • 2 Helpful Votes

      "Saved my life more than once"

        July 2018

        I arrived in Shanghai 3 years ago and I was fed up with the bad quality internet of my hotel. I looked for a co working space on NomadList and I was curious about this Agora Space. I was so glad I found them ! I had to work at night and the manager helped me. I now consider him a friend. Clearly and easily by far the best internet in China. The community is a mix of developers, designers and business people. You can get help about literally anything. The new Coder Bunker in the basement even offer beer and food. Just the perfect work place.

        2 Thank Yanick

        Petr Chutný
        • 1 Review
        • 0 Helpful Votes

        "Friendly, adjustable and community-oriented space"

          June 2018

          I have quite quickly became sold when I arrived to Agora Space. Fred showed me around, and when he showed me the bunker and its kitchen and told me about the intentions to make food workshops and eat together, I was sold completely. Internet connection is absolutely brilliant, with built-in VPN. After experiencing the common internet of Shanghai, this was a big relief. The bunker is a nice calm place with variety of people – even a prolific artist – being here together. If a cleaner, more stripped coworking space is what you seek for, that's upstairs in few different flats (The whole coworking is located in an apartment block). There is a nice shelter to have a break outside, there's shower if you cycle to work like me. Fridge, available food and cooking tools (lot of them), books…

          0 Thank Petr

          L V
          • 1 Review
          • 0 Helpful Votes

          "My 6 picks ..."

            June 2018

            Co-working is like many businesses, you'll find average providers, near-scam crooks where you pay for every breath you take, and great places. Agora falls in the latter category. There are many aspects that make it stand out, not necessarily the same ones for every business, here are my own picks: 1/International by design, but greatly connected to China business. 2/ Be at work, but feel as comfortable as at home. Really. Actually, sometimes, even more! Everyone may need a break at times, you know... 3/ Need to develop your business? You'll find all required resources and people in a snap. 4/ Need to get out of your box and to explore new fields of opportunities: take advantage of the conferences on the latest and greatest tech and business innovations. For free. 5/ Need to get back into your box and produce work? Enjoy the extremely calm and work-friendly office rooms environment. If you ask, yes! I've been too in these overcrowded "co-working" spaces that make People's Square Subway exchange at rush hours look like a calm place in comparison (I've been once only though, never went back) 6/ Last but not least, are you, like me, what you eat ? Then enjoy the best kitchen in Shanghai, would be for impromptu lunch events or afternoon conferences, you'll never forget it. For free (sorry, I'm repeating myself). I guess having both founders being cuisine connoisseurs helps on that part. Oh, then, the cleanest air, the fastest internet, amazing company, was mentioned too I guess?

            0 Thank L

            Philip Bruland
            • 2 Reviews
            • 1 Helpful Vote

            "I chose Agora because it was good value, I stayed because it has a great community."

              June 2018

              When I was originally looking for a co-working space in shanghai, I looked around 5 or 6, eventually going with agora because it presented the best value for money. Now I just don't know how other spaces can compete with it as it is great value as a working space but also houses coderbunker, a community to help people learn but also get work. The key thing for me here is being at the space opened up many opportunities for work. On top of that there is a family atmosphere, people hang out and regularly eat together which is really nice. I especially recommend if you are a solo freelancer and are new to the city as many I have seen are mostly small business focused where agoraspace has a good balance between small businesses and freelancers.

              1 Thank Philip

              Ricky Ng-Adam
              • 1 Review
              • 0 Helpful Votes

              "More than a co-working space"

                June 2018

                Hidden away from the dense and noisy center in a nice mixed commercial and residential compound, Agora Space offers not only co-working but a living space. Agora Space serves as our headquarters for Coderbunker, a community of software developers focused on growth which creates an interesting dynamic for entrepreneurs. Sensitive to our environmental footprints and our social impact, Agora Space invests into measures such as composting and recycling that are not seen in other spaces. With social, cultural and technical events, Agora Space is a great place to keep growing, make human connections and adds on significantly to the enjoyment of Shanghai.

                0 Thank Ricky

                Samuel Daw
                • 1 Review
                • 2 Helpful Votes

                "The best coworking space in Shanghai"

                  June 2018

                  Agora is an amazing cowork space located in central Shanghai. They have one large central hub with many different smaller work spaces nearby. Each space has a different atmosphere and you can choose a space based on your personal preference and working style. There is an established community of freelancers, creatives and developers. The members are friendly and made us feel part of their comunity. On our first day we were invited out for lunch with the team and offered opportunities for collaboration and freelancing. It is also important to note that the WiFi is super speedy and they run some VPN wizardry on the router.

                  2 Thank Samuel

                  Ofer Farjun
                  • 1 Review
                  • 4 Helpful Votes

                  "The clean air, the staff and even the price, a hidden gem in co working world in Shanghai."

                    June 2018

                    Our company did a massive research before we joined Agora Space. It was very important for us to have really good internet as we are an eCommerce company. The internet is probably the fastest we tested from 4-5 other co-working spaces in Shanghai. The prices for the private office where more than affordable and the proximity to so many metro lines made us decide it will be really easy for our staff to reach the office. Overall - the price, the clean air, the 24/7 availability and the staff just made it a no-brainier. We highly recommend you try Agora space.

                    4 Thank Ofer

                    Joseph Beltrami
                    • 1 Review
                    • 3 Helpful Votes

                    "Super Fast Internet, Free Coffee, and New Opportunities"

                      March 2017

                      I have been coming to CoderBunker for about six months, which is being hosted at Agora Space. I came here initially to learn coding and after a few months of learning became very comfortable with my new skill. The best part about the space is the lightning fast Wifi that doesn't require a VPN, FREE COFFEE, and helpful staff. Would recommend to anyone that needs a place to get things done and also become part of a community in Shanghai.

                      3 Thank Joseph

                      Alex Michaud
                      • 1 Review
                      • 2 Helpful Votes

                      "Great coworking space, best deal in Shanghai "

                        July 2016

                        Really good internet given China standards. Meeting room, quiet environment, nice community. Best deal I found in Shanghai.

                        2 Thank Alex

                        Jaya Ramchandani
                        • 2 Reviews
                        • 8 Helpful Votes

                        "Reliable, Warm, Geeks :)"

                          July 2016

                          I moved to Shanghai with my partner who took a job there. I run a cloud-based academic editing company and decided against working from home for social reasons. It was great that I found agora because I met a lot of like-minded people there doing very interesting things -- from working on sustainability projects to building engaging colearning spaces. The coffee is really nice. The internet is great and among the best in Shanghai :) Fred, who runs the place is an enterprising guy who would work with you to make your initiatives happen.

                          3 Thank Jaya

                          Mystery Coworker

                          "Friendly bunch, very international"

                            July 2016

                            Free coffee and you can make espresso with espresso machine!

                            Abhishek Kumar
                            • 1 Review
                            • 3 Helpful Votes

                            "Great Community, Great Internet & Fantastic Location"

                              July 2016

                              I have been here for nearly 2 years and have never found a reason to complain. This is THE place to be in Shanghai for digital nomads, budding entrepreneurs and freelancers

                              3 Thank Abhishek

                              Mystery Coworker

                              "Best internet in whole Shanghai!"

                                July 2016

                                Free coffee to start the day, enjoy one of the best internet possible in Shanghai if not the best! Very relax, all the people are friendly. The garden is so nice when you need to take a walk and doing BBQ! And did I say the best Internet in the city?

                                Pablo Gonzalez
                                • 1 Review
                                • 4 Helpful Votes

                                "I love the community at Agoraspace"

                                  July 2016

                                  I love the community at Agoraspace. Besides friends, the people there is so varied in experience and knowledge that almost any single problem I encountered for my company got solved by the community. I have been given space to create within the space. Staff is cool. Cool events and co-learning with excellent advantages for co-workers.

                                  4 Thank Pablo

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