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A former British Colony in southeastern China, Hong Kong translates to most people as the place to stuff yourself silly on dim sum and extravagant high teas. A major port and global financial center, its dynamic foodie scene is one that everyone can celebrate, from international restaurants to eating from a curbside stall. It is also known for being a shopaholics dream haven from its markets, upscale shopping destinations (think designer labels) and bespoke tailor shops. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city fueled by an ancient culture cloaked in towering skyscrapers (in fact over 1,223 of them) and small clandestine shopping houses.

It has one of the worlds most efficient subway systems, a 2,600-ft covered escalator to help the locals commute the large hills of the city and you will find easily accessible Wi-Fi that is super fast to connect to. The city's impoverished live in tiny plywood "coffins" or iron cages as they cannot afford the price of a proper home, due to the exorbitant cost of real estate in the city. In a city that uses seawater to flush its toilets, no restrictions on the sale of alcohol to minors and you can even get married at a McDonalds in Hong Kong, only 25% of Hong Kong Island is urbanized with 40% being parks and recreation and the balance being virgin forests.

Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Orient", Hong Kong is the place to put on comfy walking shoes to take in some of the sights such as Victoria Peak to gawk at its giant wok-shaped Peak Tower, check out the 3D Museum (Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong) and take a stroll around one of the traditional heritage locations dotted around the city.
You can go to the horse races in your finery or gawk at the stilt houses in Tai O or the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau. There are theme parks, museums and plenty of churches to say a prayer at.

If you want to rub shoulders with the locals then head to one of the mahjong parlors and have some fun, though you may not understand the "unwritten" rules.

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