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Green, calm and a haven for wealthy expatriates to set up home in, Uccle is located in the Brussels capital region of Belgium.  Dressed in large 19th Century houses with aprons of lush gardens, there is an art deco area around the Royal Observatory and the Forêt de Soignes, a suburban forest of vast biodiversity.  Historically a forestry and agricultural area there are plenty of churches, manors and convents to take a peek into, some from as early as 803.  The birth-place, literally, of "Belgian D'Uccles" (aka bantam chooks) in the 1890s, their eggs are cream colored and they love to sit on their nests.  Often referred to as "lawn ornaments" for their small stature, they have beards, muffs and heavily feathered legs and feet, so in other words their look is definitely on the quirky cute side, for a chook that is.

If you want more than chooks to attract you to this town, bring out the architect in your mind and check out the David and Alice Van Buuren Museum.  Stained glass, sculpture and furniture make this an art deco masterpiece created by French, Dutch and Belgian designers.  For the morbid that like cemeteries, the Dieweg Cemetery is worth slinking around to see who is buried there, despite not being used since 1958.  There is even a Russian Orthodox Church built in 1936 in a Novgorod Church style, to have a look at.  There is the House of Dotremont an art collector and industrialist, the old inn that was popular with artists in the 1860s "Le Cornet" and the pretty lane "Chemin du Crabbegat", Brussel's last remaining sunken lane, to gawk at.  Once part of a duke's forest, Wolvendael Park is stunning to walk through when you have had enough of old architectural treats.

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