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Sitting in the state of Lower Austria, Wiener Neustadt is south of Vienna. It's home to one of the world's oldest military academies, the Theresian Military Academy that was established in 1752 to train the officers of the Austrian army. The city has a history dating back to pre 1158 when Margrave Ottokar III of Styria inherited it. Names such as Richard the Lionheart, knights, kings and Mongol hordes feature in its past. Wiener Neustadt became an industrial city in the 19th Century after the opening of the Austrian Southern Railway in 1841. The city had the first official Austrian airfield in 1909 and saw the likes of flight pioneers Igo Etrich, Adolf Warchalowski and Karl Illner take to the skies. Bombing flattened all but 18 of its 4,000 buildings during World War II. It's home to Austria's first and largest University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, so there are plenty of exuberant youthful vibes in the city. Coworking venues appearing in Wiener Neustadt are putting in place one more support community for its intrepid and inventive locals to take advantage of.

Wiener Neustadt is no tech hub per se, but Austria is doing everything it can to support and nurture a startup ecosystem. Austria is seen as an "emerging hub" where international young companies can have a dynamic ecosystem and where plenty of exciting things are happening in the financial area, as well as the political arena for supporting startups. The country wishes to become a meeting point for innovation and progress for entrepreneurial types. Its alluded to that the Austrian tech scene is young, fresh, mobile and attractive with one of the best qualities of life available in the world. Wiener Neustadt is offering a great location, a brainy workforce and funding support, plus well-developed channels of know-how transfer between companies and the scientific community. With this on the table so to speak, many high-tech startups are beginning to look at Austria with fresh eyes.

Austria has everything to offer the fledgling startup, the creative entrepreneur or the inventive soul who likes to sit by a fire slurping on beef soup in between doing bouts of work in a coworking venue.

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