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About San Fernando

Sitting in Pampanga province, 66km northwest of Manila, the capital of San Fernando is famous for its "Giant Lantern Festival" at Christmas time making it the "Christmas Capital of the Philippines" or as CNN call it "Asia's Christmas Capital". Here you will find about 306,659 people meandering the city that has been described as "first class". It was named after King Ferdinand VI of Spain and is home to the railway station that was the end point of the World War II Bataan Death March that is now a museum. For those into peeking at feathery creatures, rare birds can be found in the Candaba Wetlands that sit in the northeast.

San Fernando has a thriving economy, plenty of restaurants to haunt when the hunger pangs strike and shopping malls to keep the most avid credit card thrasher enthralled for hours. The area is a major rice and sugar producing region with numerous large corporations as well as major bottling companies, such as the San Miguel Corporation and Coca-Cola, located within the city.

San Fernando may not be the tech hub of the country, but it does have its fair share of intrepid tech savvy youth who wish to stay on their own home ground rather than run off to a huge city. The Philippines has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of new and innovative businesses led by ambitious young entrepreneurs. The private sector and the government are supporting startups with investment, creating incubation programs and providing mentorship. With the advent of coworking venues it is believed that it will help to create a culture of collaboration and support.