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About Enugu

The capital of the Enugu State in Nigeria, the hilly city of Enugu was named after Enugwu Ngwo under which coal was found. Located in the southeastern area of Nigeria, the city has a long history from the 17th Century when it was inhabited by the Nike subgroup of the Igbo people. Colonialists discovered coal and Enugu was developed as one of the few cities in West Africa forged from European contact. Enugu is an education hub as it's home to numerous educational institutions including 3 tertiary facilities: the University of Nigeria, the Enugu State University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Management and Technology. This gives it a vibrant and youthful vibe which is reflected in the coworking venues dotted around the city.

Dubbed "Nollywood", Enugu is frequently used as a filming location for the Nigerian movie industry. With a population of about 722,664 Enugu is a bustling hive of daily activity with most goods sold in open markets or by street hawkers. The city's streets are awash in European colonial style architecture from its early years such as the Holy Ghost Cathedral with Greco-Roman stained glass windows. Its roads are narrow as a consequence of its old British rule and choked with traffic. Its people are predominantly English speaking, and it's becoming a hub for social businesses with some startups solving local issues while making money, such as "Wecyclers". Nigeria has a huge market that is getting bigger every year and is the cultural epicentre for African youth through movies and online publications.

Both Google and Facebook have opened up their own hubs and launched accelerator programs, and the country is on track to draw more venture capital than its South African and East African counterparts. Nigeria is dubbed “Africa’s India” for its demographic stats. If today the population is “only” 173 million, making it the largest country in Africa, tomorrow, it should reach half a billion (2050) and likely a billion by the turn of next century. With so much buzz happening in Nigeria it's little wonder that cities such as Enugu are seeing coworking spaces opening in their streets.