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About Portimao

Located in the district of Faro in the Algarve region of Portugal, Portimao has a population of 55,614 souls meandering its streets, basking in sunshine on one of the many beaches and getting down to work in a coworking venue. A port city known for its stunning old quarter, bustling marina and Gothic-style Nossa Senhora da Conceição church that is plastered with azulejo tiles, it even has a medieval fort to poke your nose around. Historically a small commercial port where the Greeks, the Carthaginians and the Phoenicians would hang out, Portimao is perched at the mouth of the Arade River. Invaded by the Moors during the middle ages, it was reconquered in 1249 and integrated into the Portuguese kingdom.

Portugal is rising unshackled from almost half a century of authoritarian rule and is trying to reinvent itself as Europe's leading tech hub. Known for its cheap rents, incredible cultural scene and awesome quality of life, Portugal is promoting the fact that it also has an economy based on knowledge and an entrepreneurial community that is growing by the day. Portimao, like many other small towns in Portugal is where you can have the perfect life/work balance without breaking your bank account and the ocean at your door.

With the advent of coworking spaces, it is not only the innovative locals hanging out in the establishments, but the wandering globe-trotters who tend to linger for far longer than what they planned to. And, when work starts to create brain implosions, there is always one more beach to run to.