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About Bruck an der Leitha

A city in Lower Austria, Bruck an der Leitha is where neolithic tools have been found, making it likely that settlement of the area occurred during this period. During the Roman times it was perched on the crossing of 2 major roads that the Roman armies used to strut along. Known locally as simply "Bruck", you can still have a peek at a castle of which one part is still named the "Roman Tower", despite the fact that it was built during the Middle Ages. The city has been trampled over by the Turkish Empire and because it didn't resist, much of its old buildings weren't destroyed, unlike other towns such as Hainburg. After this event, the town became a hub for wine production and trade. A bit on the small side with a population of only 7,300 inhabitants, you won't have any trouble finding a friend to hang out with or the closest coworking enclave to get busy in.

Today the town is the administrative heart of the district with a prospering energy department and a nearby large wind farm that generates all of the town's needs as well as extra that the city sells. Bruck is no tech hub per se, but Austria is doing everything it can to support and nurture a startup ecosystem. Austria is seen as an "emerging hub" where international young companies can have a dynamic ecosystem with plenty of exciting things happening in the financial area, as well as the political arena for supporting startups.

Austria has everything to offer the fledgling startup, the creative entrepreneur or the inventive soul who likes to sit by a fire slurping on traditional beef soup in between doing bouts of work in a coworking venue.