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About Berkeley

Sitting between Bristol and Gloucester on a small hill is the town of Berkeley. Located in Gloucestershire Parish, it sits on the tidal Little Avon River that flows into the River Severn. It has a tiny population of only 4,181 folk meandering its streets, sitting in cafes chatting or hustling along to a coworking venue to get some work done. Known for its Berkeley Castle where Edward II was murdered, the city was the birthplace of the physician Edward Jenner who pioneered the smallpox vaccine that was the world's first vaccine. The first mention of the town was in 824 and it was a significant place during medieval times. A port and market town, local legend has it that Berkeley was once home to the "Witch of Berkeley" who apparently sold her soul to the devil in exchange for mega riches. This witch took refuge in a church but the devil got her and took her away on a black horse covered in spikes.

The startup scene in the United Kingdom is said to be one of the fastest growing in the whole of Europe according to figures over the last 5 years when there has been 392,627 new tech startups launched in the country. The most growth showed up in the niche sectors of Internet, fintech and software. The UK has an attractive environment for tech businesses in that it offers great foundations and ecosystems for innovative minds to get their ideas off the ground.

Coworking is but one more step in supporting intrepid brains where it's possible to connect and collaborate with likeminded souls. Just beware of the devil that may tempt you with worldly wealth.