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About Dnepropetrovsk

Make sure you remember your public transport manners in this city if you don't want the burgeoning stomach of an elderly woman pressed into your face because you have a seat and she doesn't. There is very little English spoken here, mostly Russian despite being in the Ukraine. Suffering from heavy pollution issues, Dnepropetrovsk (aka Dnipro) was closed to foreigners until the late 1990s due to it being a Soviet military center. Today the city is a major player in the steel industry, machine building and aerospace building. This is definitely a town that will give you an insight into the real working life of Ukraine, where being squashed like a sardine into a mini-bus is the accepted mode of transport.

The tourist potential could be brilliant with its 19th Century houses, rumbling trams, leafy boulevards and panoramic Dnieper River views, but there is a preoccupation with opening mammoth glass shopping emporiums, rather than caring for its cultural heritage.

This is home to the best museum of Jewish history in the Ukraine that you can explore. The new European square is where you will find the painted town cathedral and from here you can head to the Military Museum and monument with a stunning vista over the Dnieper River. You can have a religious moment at the oldest cathedral in Dnipropetrovsk, the Preobrazhensky Cathedral, sitting amidst a rose garden that once functioned as the Museum of Religion and Atheism. Today it is a cathedral open to the public, so don't fear that your prayers will not be heard. You should stroll over the bridge in Shevchenko Park to get to one of the island parks to take time out licking ice cream or guzzling on a beer.

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