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About Bagnes

Awash in gigantic snow-capped mountains, slowly meandering black cows and simple villages, Bagnes is a municipality in the district of Entremont with an area of 282 km2. Secluded and stunning this area will leave you breathless with its beauty, as the Upper Val de Bagnes is one of the largest nature reserves in Switzerland "almost" unheard of on the global tourist radar. The fact that coworking venues have hit the area speaks volumes of the intrepid and innovative locals plus the fact that the odd nomad is now knocking on its doors.

This is hiking territory that will take you through the wilds where old traditions and untamed wilderness nestle together. First mentioned in 1150 as "Banie", it was formerly known by its German name of "Bangis". It wasn't until 1953 that the village was connected to the Martigny-Sembrancher-Le Châble rail line and the area consists of the municipal seat of Le Châble plus multiple villages and hamlets, including Villette, Bruson and Verbier. With a history dating back to 1150, when the Counts of Savoy owned it, the area has seen violent feudal fights between the villages. It has been the victim of numerous frequent natural disasters and it wasn't until the Lac de Mauvoisin Dam was built in the mid 20th Century that the town embraced tourism. Prior to this date, its economy had been totally based on alpine farming.

For such a remote community, coworking has made it possible for the locals to gather in collaborative huddles, exchanging probably more than ideas (such as tales of mountain escapades) and providing the space to get some work done whilst sitting in their woolly knickers.