0 Coworking Spaces in Villaviciosa de Odon

About Villaviciosa de Odon

Like many other small towns in the community of Madrid, Villaviciosa (as it is locally known) was occupied by the Castilian troops during the Reconquista in the 8th Century. Today it has become a university town due to its proximity to the Universidad Europea de Madrid and has a well-developed urban area plus plenty of student amenities. It is no surprise that coworking spaces have started to open their doors to cater to the student and graduate population of the city.

Villaviciosa de Odon sits about 15km west of the city heart of Madrid in the western zone of the metro area. Here you will also find the Spanish Air Force Museum if are into planes and the Castle of Villaviciosa de Odon if you wish to step back in time. As with all university areas, there is an abundance of trendy bars for scoffing tapas and plenty of restaurants if you wish to have a proper meal instead of nibbling. Its' student status gives it a vibrant and edgy feel as the tech savvy youth are innovative and creative.

Coworking has provided the space to run to when the locals and students wish to get some work done, rather than having to sit in a rowdy cafe or at home alone trying to get inspired in a solitary haven.