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Espacio Karaba in Guadalajara

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About Guadalajara

As with the rest of Spain, Guadalajara is a cheap city to hang up your hat for a while. It's got numerous things going for it apart from the very affordable cost of living; such as it is quiet and peaceful with everything nearby, even Madrid, if you get a hankering for the big city smoke for a day. For the outdoor soul there are plenty of natural parks to explore, such as Sierra Norte and the Upper Tajo. When the hunger pangs strike you will be able to grab some paella almost anywhere. Coworking spaces have now added their presence to the streetscape catering to the wandering gypsies who like to get some work done occasionally, as well as the inventive and industrious locals.

Guadalajara sits in the region of La Alcarria and is about 60km northeast of Madrid on the Henares River. With a population of about 84,803 and despite having numerous historical buildings and the fact that the bridge across the Henares River was built on Roman foundations, the city is not awash in tourists. You will find some modest Castilian mansions to gawk at and plenty of old churches, if you need to say a little prayer for your startup. Guadalajara is similar to many of the towns in Spain in that now that the economy has stabilized and its startup ecosystem has developed, the local techies are no longer running abroad. Instead they are intent on becoming involved in their own local scenes of creativity. The recession years of Spain has created a new breed of entrepreneur that is not freaked out about fear of failure or red tape.

Coworking premises in the town are giving its innovative individuals the means to network with likeminded souls swapping experiences and sharing skills, rather than hacking it alone in a noisy cafe. It is also where you will find quite a large community of expats hanging out and fulfilling their dream life scenario.