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About Zajecar

Widely known for its rock music festival "Gitarijada", Zajecar is the administrative center of the Zajecar District in eastern Siberia. The birthplace of quite a few Roman Emperors such as Galerius, Maximinus and Licinius, Zajecar is the ultimate history buff's voyeuristic moment. The city has a population of about 59,461 people wandering its streets, so you won't be short of people to chat to in a cafe or to mingle with in a coworking venue.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia has a vibrant and thriving ecosystem happening with innovative tech startups emerging from the city. Belgrade is becoming a leading tech innovator on the global scene with a plethora of resources catering to bootstrapping startups from advice on market entry to financing options, affordable coworking spaces to excellent infrastructure to take advantage of. The city is littered with incubators and accelerator programs creating a rush of inventive entrepreneurs. The government and Serbia's educational institutions are fostering and exploring potential collaborations. With a low cost of living, a tax system highly conducive to business development and investment, plus numerous fundraising channels for getting venture-backed finance, Serbia is being seen as the place to be to jump on the startup bandwagon.

Ideally located in the heart of South East Europe linking the west and central areas to the Middle East, Serbia's coworking scene is in explosion mode.