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About Hamar

Sitting on the shores of Norway's largest lake, Miosa, the city of Hamar is where you can indulge in a cuisine that has taken eons to develop from smoked/grilled/fried or however you want herring to the rich flavor of salmon or haddock that dates back to the 12th Century. Throw in some sweet mouthfuls of "krumkake" or take a big bite of a hot dog from a street vendor. For those with an experimental approach to their food there is reindeer meat to chew on, plus a fried sheep's head that has risen from being a pauper's dish to a Norwegian delicacy. You can haunt the pedestrian walkway in the middle of the town searching for that perfect dish in between brainstorming at your coworking venue with your mates.

The city is also known for its "Vikingskipet" (The Viking Ship) that is an indoor speed skating track with an eclectic shape that was built to host the speed skating competitions of the 1994 Winter Olympics. It has also been the host for the world's second largest computer party "The Gathering" that has run for the last 13 years. The Hamar Olympic Amphitheatre hosted the figure skating and short track speed skating, also in the 1994 Winter Olympics. If you want to get off the ice or the cold white fluffy stuff, the Hedmark Museum is an historical landmark with the remains of a medieval church enclosed in a glass house, which is worth poking your nose into.

Norway has the fastest growing tech scene amongst the Nordic countries, when once it was lagging behind. Government programs have facilitated the entrepreneurship bubble within the tech sector and the mindset of the Norwegian startup ecosystem has adapted to this fast pace. Dynamic and visionary, the focus is on diversification with smart and creative individuals creating companies solving real-world problems. Numerous incubators, accelerators and coworking venues have emerged giving the fast paced ecosystem a sense of cohesion and community.