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About Halden

Once known as the city of Frederikshald, the border town of Halden sits in Østfold County perched on the mouth of the Tista River that is the southernmost border crossing between Norway and Sweden. Located about 120km from Oslo and 190km from Gothenburg, you can run across the border easily as it's only 12km east of the city. Home to one of the best preserved manor houses in Norway, Rød Herregård, with its baroque garden and English landscaped gardens, inside the buildings you will find a huge weapons collection to gawk at. There is only 4,921 souls meandering around the town so you will have plenty of opportunities to get on a first name basis with many either when indulging in a whale steak or chatting over coffee in a coworking venue.

A town for those into the outdoors in a big way, it's surrounded by forests and water so you can lace up your boots and go on a deer chase with the odd wolf showing up or fish one of its waterways. If you are not into picking wild berries such as raspberries or blue berries then you can go on a mushroom hunt. There are numerous annual festivals held such as "Tons of Rock" (hard rock and metal) plus a vegetarian food festival for those not into big slabs of red meat. It's home to one of the best 10 pubs in Europe, "Siste Reis" and has numerous exhibitions at its national gallery to gawk at.

Norway has one of the fastest growing tech scenes amongst the Nordic countries due to its startup ecosystem that is accelerating in pace. Once lagging behind its neighbors, now there are strong indications that the country is setting new benchmarks in terms of the number of investments. The government is supporting the tech scene with programs to facilitate entrepreneurship such as "Innovation Norway" and the country is gaining a reputation for being a great place to launch a startup. Passionate entrepreneurs are leading its dynamic community with many startups focused on solving real-world problems. Norway has transparent laws and regulations and is centrally located between North America and Asia making it the perfect place for startups that wish to take on the global market. Said to be one of the happiest places on the planet, it's little wonder that coworking venues are being swamped with innovative minds.