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About Carterton

A small town in the Wellington Region of New Zealand, Carterton is predominantly a farming enclave sitting on the North Island. Founded in 1857, it was originally known as "Three Mile Bush" and served as a housing site for workers building the road between Wellington and Masterton. It was then named "Charles Carter" after the guy that was in charge of the building of the Black Bridge over the Waiohine River in the south of the town. Today it's known as "New Zealand's Daffodil capital" holding an annual daffodil festival in September. A leader in many respects, Carterton was the first place in the world to elect a transsexual mayor in 1999. From farmers' markets to numerous other historical landmarks, there is plenty to see and do in Carterton that will keep you entertained. Located 14km from Masterton and about 80km from Wellington, the 5,320 residents love to hang out in cafes, watch the "All Blacks" or get creative in a coworking venue.

New Zealand is being touted as the tech crowd's favourite "end-of-days" refuge due to the coveted private jet escape routes from other countries. Whether this is true or not doesn't really matter but the fact that the number of work visas granted to American techies is on the rise, may raise some eyebrows. New Zealand has become the land of edgy tech stuff that hasn't been tried before amidst the coffee culture of Wellington and the beautiful unspoiled landscape of Queenstown. Once upon a time New Zealand's distance from the rest of the world was a big hurdle, but today there are plenty of high-net-worth individuals relocating to its shores believing that it will be the one place where you can survive the "end of the world" (aka nuclear weapon assaults).

Starting a business in New Zealand can be done in 20 seconds (well almost) and there are plenty of angel investors hanging around its shores looking for the next big thing to put their money into. The country is small and nimble and recently topped the World Bank's annual Ease of Doing Business rankings for being the most conducive to starting a business, registering property and securing credit. With all of this chit chat going on about New Zealand, it's little wonder that coworking venues are overflowing with tech savvy souls who have their bomb bunkers in place.