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About Ota

With the symbol of the city being a Kamakura period castle perched on the top of Mount Kanayama, Ota is located in the extreme southeastern point of the Gunma Prefecture in the northern Kanto Plains of Japan with a population of around the 219,531 mark. A transportation hub, Ota is only 80km from colorful Tokyo, so it's easy to access or to run away from, if you need a change of location. Its' economy has been based in airplane production, but today it is mostly tied up in automobile production and is home to the car manufacturer Subaru. Farms sit in the northern outskirts of the city mostly producing rice and now coworking venues sit in its' streets.

Ota has a wealth of educational institutions in its midst from private to public high schools plus the Kanto Gakuen University, so there are plenty of students and graduates running around the town. These tech savvy youth have grown up on the media hype of startups and are no longer afraid of the stigma of failure, if they branch out on their own in an attempt to fulfill their unicorn dreams. Government incentives for startups are bolstering the scene and there is plenty of private funding happening.

For many with big ideas they are heading into the niche markets of health care, agritech, Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence.

Many successful founders are now investing in new companies and young people are becoming more attracted to what the startup world can offer creating a happening scene with coworking venues forming the go-to place to mingle with likeminded people.