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About Kashiwa

Settled in ancient times and historically a part of Shimosa Province, Kashiwa is a city in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. With an estimated population of around the 411,602 mark, Kashiwa's surrounding area was where the Battle of Sakainehara played out in 1478 and during the Edo Period was under the control of the Tokugawa shogunate. During this time the shogunate created horse ranches to provide war horses for the army. It was also at this time that the area underwent a large-scale land reclamation that happened across Japan. Coworking venues have opened their doors in this bedroom community for nearby Chiba and Tokyo, under a government that wishes to encourage domestic startups.

The chase is on for space solutions with the government setting aside about one billion in public funds by way of both loans and investments over a five-year period to achieve commercial development on the moon. Startups that qualify will be able to receive funding for such things as research costs and to cover the price of patents. Local entrepreneurs are looking at this strategy as a turning point that will have positive implications on a global scale.

From dreaming of space unicorns to maybe just getting a bit of work done, coworking venues are the place where the intrepid and innovative locals are hanging out, sharing ideas and getting their dreams into the space of reality.