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About Azumino

Famous for its statues named "Dosojin" that literally litter the sides of the roadways, Azumino is a world of nature with clear blue skies, mountains, green farms in beautiful valleys and whispering creeks plus flowing rivers. The monks of long ago placed the statues so that they could be worshipped for childbirth, a safe journey, fertility, against evil forces and basically as a protection against anything untoward happening. Sitting in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan, Azumino has a population of around 95,000. Mystery surrounds why the early settlers who migrated from the shoreline of Kyushu headed to Azumino and the mountains. There is definitely no mystery as to why coworking spaces are springing up in the city where locals are beginning to veer away from corporate life.

The modern day city was established in 2005 by the merging of the towns of Akashina, Hotaka and Toyoshina plus the villages of Horigane and Misato. Sitting between 2 mountain ranges, it gives the locals plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoors and to go skiing in the winter months. If you get tired of banging your head against the desk in your coworking space, you can slip on your skis and slide away.

The city is where you can experience everything Japan has to offer from sushi to tempura or indulge in "Oyaki" - wheat dumplings stuffed with all sorts of goodies and grilled over charcoal.