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About Pesaro

The birthplace of the 19th Century opera composer "Gioachino Rossini", Pesaro sits on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It has a population of about 95,011 inhabitants making it the 2nd most populated city in the region of Marche. Pesaro's economy is based in furniture, fishing and tourism. Known as the "City of Bicycle" because of its huge network of bicycle paths throughout the city, Pesaro has a plethora of religious sites from historical churches to cathedrals where you can say a little prayer for the success of your startup whilst biking to your coworking venue.

With a history that dates back to the Romans in 184BC, Pesaro has been trampled over by numerous marauding hordes and was once an important hub of trading and craftsmanship. The history buff will fall in love with this town, as there are awesome remnants and ruins of its long history to explore once you look beyond the concrete hotels and the sun kissed bodies meandering the streets or frolicking on its perfect beach shores.

Italians have creative culture in their blood, from food to fashion, design to wine and there are plenty of innovative tech savvy souls lingering over espressos. The government is instigating new initiatives to make it easier for startups to "start up" in light of the fact that it has always had a reputation for being bureaucracy-heavy. Pesaro may not be the tech hub on a par with Turin, Milan or Rome, but it does have its locals who have no desire to move from their beautiful home city. Coworking venues are giving them the space to mingle, to connect and to collaborate before heading for a splash in the Adriatic Sea.