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About Beersheba

The largest city in the Negev Desert of southern Israel, Beersheba is home to one of Israel's major universities, Ben-Gurion University of Negev and numerous other education institutions, such as the Open University of Israel plus a campus of the Israeli Air and Space College, Techni Be'er sheva. Often referred to as the "Capital of Negev", it has a population of about 207,551 folk attending operas in the Beersheba Theater, checking out the displays at the Negev Museum of Art in the old city or getting busy in coworking venues. The city is a hub for Israel's high-tech industry. With the arrival of Soviet immigrants came the game of chess as a major sport in Beersheba and the city now has more chess grandmasters per capita than any other city in the world. Its 17 neighborhoods are named after letters of the Hebrew alphabet and after the country's independence, it became a "laboratory" for Israel architecture with the enclave of "Hashatiah" hailed by architects around the world.

Israel's tech scene is growing fast to the point where it's being labeled the "Startup Nation" because of the huge number of entrepreneurs and tech companies in a country that has 9 million people. It has been suggested that Israel will lose its edge if it can't integrate its Arab minority into the tech industry, as they do make up 21% of its total population, but today is only 3% of its tech workforce. The government is taking steps to remedy the issue and plans to invest US$25.6 million into small and medium-sized Arab businesses.

Israel has already produced a large number of successful tech companies such as the social navigation app "Waze" that sold to Google in 2013 for US$1.15 billion. Beersheba with its big population is just one more city in Israel that is producing tech savvy souls who hang out in collaborative bliss at coworking venues where they can get support and a likeminded community to play with.