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About Carlow

If you like to chase little green men (aka leprechauns), maybe you should join the community of Carlow that sits in the southeast of Ireland and only 84km from Dublin. With a population of around the 24,272 mark, you will have plenty of chances to mingle with the locals, scoff some Irish whiskey and get some work done at one of the coworking venues that have popped up in the town.

An historical city with its settlement thousands of years old, pre-dating written Irish history, Carlow was the capital of the country during the 14th Century. Ireland's tech hub is more or less in Dublin, but not everyone wishes to live and work in the big smoke. Some innovative souls prefer smaller and quieter locations because it gives them a better lifestyle. There are plenty of 30 and 40-year old somethings who don't need 50 cafes or restaurants around them to make their life complete. They want a great place with a good quality of lifestyle, maybe somewhere to even raise a family. In the tech world there are niche communities hankering for their bespoke lifestyle that will give them options as to how they work and Carlow is one.

With its incredible wealth of history this is a place where intrepid souls can now hang out in coworking venues getting creative. When brains are about to implode there are ruins of yesteryear to contemplate, artsy activities at the Visual Center for Contemporary Art or the possibility to say a little prayer in the Carlow Cathedral.