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About Bekasi

One of the oldest cities in Indonesia sitting in West Java, Bekasi is on the eastern border of Jakarta and is one of the most populated cities. There are plenty of expats (predominantly Korean and Japanese) in this factory town due to the large number of multinational companies in the area. It is more a "bedroom" area for the commuters who work in Jakarta with several middle-class satellite havens with their own schools, club houses, shopping malls and shuttle buses to the main city. Bekasi dating from the 5th Century is in the land known for its lush volcanic landscape where the original settlers were known as "Sunda" speaking Sundanese. West Java encompasses remote islands in the west of the Ujung Kulon National Park to the beaches of Pangandaran in the east.

The locals in Bekasi are a mixture of the descendants from Betawi and Javanese, with the Sundanese being the largest majority and most being Islamic. On the outskirts of town there are several industrial areas where large companies such as Honda, LG, Converse and Samsung have their factories.

Bekasi is where you had better hone up on your bargaining skills so that you can negotiate a good price for your tri-cycle or motorbike trip. This is where you can grab lots of bargains in the footwear department, pig out on curries and rice until you are sick of them or gorge yourself silly with juicy sliced tropical fruit. There are several shopping centers to poke around in, with the largest being the Grand Metropolitan and numerous hotels for different budgets.

The rush hour is not the time to be on the roads, as it is a chaotic jungle of billowing smoke and belching vehicles of every description imaginable.

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