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About Bad Kreuznach

Wallowing in the Nahe River wine region known for its Riesling, Silvaner and Muller-Thurgau grape varieties, Bad Kreuznach sits in the district of the same name. This is one for those who are into self-pampering, as it's a spa town with the world's oldest "radon-brine" spa (think loads of minerals to give you a feel-good factor happening) and is literally littered with spas around the town that offer salt grottos to a brine-fogger, saunas to a "wellness temple" to combat every ache and pain possible. Its other claim to fame is that its home to a medieval bridge dating from about 1300, which is one of the few remaining bridges in the world with buildings perched on it. The administrative, cultural and economic hub of the region with over 150,000 residents is now where you can find coworking venues catering to its tech savvy locals or globe trotters that want to linger in a mud bath before and after doing some work.

Germany's startup scene is thriving with opportunities given to creative souls to pitch their ventures to investors at "Startup Germany" that went on tour at the instigation of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad. The startup scene is a bit of a mixed bag with almost 30% of startup staff not being German. There are a few hurdles to overcome such as red tape hassles, language barriers and the fact that most founders wish to hire skilled foreign workers. Eight out of ten German startups wish to go international, but legal systems and regulations may be inhibitors in this regard.

Despite these niggles, coworking spaces are overflowing with creatives in collaborative mode whilst mingling with a vibrant community who like to lurk in mineral springs to relieve the stress when things go haywire.