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About Dobrichovice

Spread across both banks of the Berounka River, Dobrichovice sits in the Prague-West District in the Central Bohemian Region only about 25km from Prague. One of the most famous landmarks in the whole of the Czech Republic, the Karištein Castle, is about 13km from the city so history buffs or those into poking their noses around romantic castles can have a load of fun. Dobrichovice has a population of only around the 3,000 mark, so you will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and chat over a cheap bowl of goulash with dumplings swimming in it before heading off to a coworking space to get some work done.

This is a city that swells in numbers at the weekends, as it's a popular chill-out zone for a few days for those that have to live in the big smoke of Prague who either rent or own their own slice of holiday heaven in a little cottage by the waterside. Proclaimed a town in 2006 by the Czech parliament, the most important building is yet another castle, this one served as a summer residence of the grand master of the "Knights of the Cross with the Red Star". There is a church sitting beside it, so you can pop in and say a little prayer for some heavenly help with your startup, if you feel you need it.

The Czech tech scene is on the rise, as every day there are new startups emerging with plenty of job vacancies for skilled IT workers. With a population of around the 11-million mark plus a new hip name "Czechia", the country is seeing startups patenting their know-how and registering brands bringing their ideas into the realms of reality. Coworking spaces are decked out with everything you can imagine to keep you entertained when you are not collaborating or getting your stuff done.