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About Monteverde

A town in the mountainous northwestern region of Costa Rica, Monteverde is famous for its biodiverse forests in the clouds that shelters innumerable wildlife species from jaguars to "ocelots" (a wild cat for those not into furry creatures) plus colorful feathery "quetzals" (birds). The trails of the reserve are decorated with orchids and ferns that you can gawk at as you traipse along suspended bridges linking the forest canopy. Monteverde is about a 4-hour drive from the Central Valley in Puntarenas with a small community of creative souls. It's a major ecotourism hot spot that is a magnet for tourists into all things "green" plus naturalists. Referred to as "the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves" by National Geographic, Monteverde has been listed as the 14th place to remember before it disappears. Coworking appearing in this lime green belt of heaven is creating a haven of inspiration for those who have no wish to leave this slice of paradise.

Quakers, pacifists and conscientious objectors who were defying the American draft prior to the Korean War predominantly founded Monteverde. The large neighboring city of Santa Elena is the primary source of goods and lodging for its hefty number of tourists. The official language is Spanish, but English is widely spoken as well amongst its community that is estimated to be somewhere between 250 to 750 residents. You definitely won't get lost in the town and will probably get to know everyone after a few weeks. The town's economy is based on tourism plus coffee. There are 3 bilingual schools in the town to cater to its many visitors plus the University of Georgia has a 155-acre satellite campus just outside Monteverde.

Monteverde definitely is no startup hub, but Costa Rica does have quite a few benefits going for it by way of a strategic location for exporting and importing technological services and products, practically everyone speaks English, plus it's a democratic republic guaranteeing the rights of foreign investors and companies. Coworking in Monteverde is for those who like to have their morning or afternoon breaks meandering around the cloud forest maybe chatting to a muskrat or a ground hog to get inspiration.