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About Osorno

Sitting on the Rahue River in the south-central region of Chile, Osorno is a thriving and commercial hub for the surrounding agricultural area. It is a major transportation center on the route between Puerto Montt and Santiago, as well as the Huilliche community of the Osorno coast. The gateway to access the regions of Aysen and Magallanes that would otherwise only be accessible by sea, it sits where the Rahue and the Damas Rivers meet. Founded in 1553, the old town was destroyed in 1602. In 1792 the ruins were given a makeover and by 1850 the Chilean government invited German settlers into the town. Definitely not a long-stay tourist town, it does however have coworking spaces for its innovative locals that don't wish to leave their own home turf.

Recently the addition of a few funky cafes, eclectic bars and good restaurants have opened up. There is the 18th Century Reina Luisa Fort sitting beside the Rahue River and a few mansions to gawk at that were built in the 19th Century by German settlers. If you think you need to say a prayer to get your startup into the stratosphere, you can walk into the neo-Gothic San Mateo Cathedral for some celestial input. There are glorious parks to meander, plazas perfect for sitting and sipping espresso and a recently opened casino if you like to have a gamble.

A city that is no tech hub, Osorno as with all other towns in Chile, is where your bank balance will go a lot further, as Chile is a relatively cheap country to stay in. You can focus on your startup or business, rather than how much cash you have. If you happen to be an investor, a talented tech whisperer or a startup, you can actually get a long-stay visa for Chile within 15 days. The country has a leading global accelerator program and is ranked first in Latin America for innovation. It is home to one of the top 5 fintech ecosystems, is ranked 5th in the world for tertiary enrolment and promotes tech startups especially if founded by females.

Coworking in Osorno will give you the chance to hang out with the creative locals in collaborative bliss.