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About Geraldton

A coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia, Geraldton sits about 424km north of Perth with a population of around the 37,432 mark. The city is a major west coast seaport and an important service and logistics hub for mining, wheat, sheep, fishing and tourism. Once home to the "Naaguja" people (think 40,000 years ago) today the aboriginal people of the area are "Wajarri" souls. Their art is very distinctive, as paintings use thousands of dots of ochre and other earth pigments to create unique patterns and images. From aboriginal art to today's high-tech society, coworking spaces have opened up in Geraldton where the locals can get creative without having to be in a big city.

Geraldton has all of the infrastructure and services that you would expect to find, plus it has been home to a horseracing industry dating back to 1887 and hosts the annual Geraldton Gold Cup. With its Mediterranean climate and warm seas, it is a water baby's dream destination. From windsurfing to kite surfing, product testers use the beaches here and it hosts the Australian Kite Surfing Association Australian National Championships each year. For the surfing geeks there are plenty of waves to be had and if you like to be on a boat, the coastline is a constant buzz of sailing and fishing enthusiasts. Just remember you can only catch the luscious local Western Rock lobster during the months of December to April and you do have to have a special licence. If you like to play with underwater creatures or check out sunken wrecks, there are plenty of places to put on your scuba or snorkeling gear.

This is the town where you can have it all from funky cafes and brilliant restaurants to farmers markets on a Saturday morning. It is all about lifestyle for the locals, which is why coworking spaces have become the place of work for many, as they can tap on their laptops when they want and then play in the ocean without missing a beat.