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About Blida

Sitting about 45km southwest of Algiers, Blida is surrounded by orchards and gardens. It is in the shadows of the Tell Atlas Mountains on the edge of the Mitidja Plain on an outflow from the Chiffa Gorge, which is where the endangered Barbary macaque (aka monkeys) hang out. The town has distinct French characteristics with wide modern streets, plenty of arcades to meander, plus numerous mosques and churches if you need to say a prayer. Its main square, the place d'Armes sits in the shade of trees and makes the perfect spot to sip espresso as you watch the passing parade. Blida's main trade is in flour and oranges, so you can imagine the orange blossom scent that permeates the city streets in April of each year. Public gardens are draped in beautiful olive trees and coworking venues are juxtaposed between businesses in the streets. Algiers is playing catch up with the global phenomenon of coworking and in a short space of time has seen quite a few spaces opening up where its locals can meet, work and organize events.

Startups have numerous hurdles to overcome such as finding funding, archaic government business legislation and a financial system that at the moment does not allow online payments as yet, though promises have been made to rectify the situation. In spite of this there have been a few startups such as Synoos, Autopub and Linkibus. A huge portion of the population of Algiers is young - think 70% - so it is a case of "when" not "if" its entrepreneurs will succeed.

The Algiers government is on the way to drafting new laws to support and boost startups, which is encouraging and in the mean time coworking venues are providing a platform for its tech savvy youth to gain the experience and the knowledge that they need.