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Sara De Lille is a freelance and content writer based in Mexico City. In addition to her work writing for brands and clients on the web, she is also a regular improvisation comedy performer, coming up with quick takes and brilliant commentary on the spot in sketches and stage performances. While most of her writing work in done in Spanish, she is a skilled English-language comedian as well, taking classes and doing shows in the Los Angeles area.

When she isn’t writing or speaking for pay or laughs, she runs the site, which started as a place for her to share her insights on art and music in Mexico, but has since grown to be a site with multiple female contributors. As she says on the site, Let’s Riot is: “A group of girls willing to make noise, to write and share about personal experiences, to talk about what happens to us, interests us and makes us uncomfortable.”

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What You’ll Learn About Writing and Business This Week:

— The importance of premise and storytelling

— How the “yes-and” rule from improv clown school applies to writing

— Parallels between improv and writing articles

— Bringing real-life experience into your material

— Ways to pull the reader into your story through framing

— Why it’s important to listen to each other

Mentioned in This Episode (Links and Resources!):

— Tobogán Improv Comedy (Sara’s Mexico City improv group)


— Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) LA

— Jodi Ettenberg (Legal Nomads)

You Can Find Sara on:

— Her website,

— Her Medium page, @SaraDeLille

— Instagram, @SDeLille

— Her new podcast, Improv Non Stop (en español)

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