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Coworkers of the World: Meet Cecilia Hu

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Cecilia Hu runs a jewelry label as a side hustle that’s inspired by one of her trips to Santorini and is also the community manager of The Circle. Learn more about Cecilia in this Coworker spotlight!

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Coworkers of the World: Meet Natascha Op de Hipt

Meet Natascha Op de Hipt, a mindset and business coach from Germany who inspires her clients by building them up with unshakeable confidence. Natascha has a passion for helping new, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to stand out, make an impact, and share their gifts with the world—just like she does every day.

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Coworkers of the World: Meet Jf Brou

After helping 15,000+ exchange students travel and enjoy one of the biggest student parties in the world, Rep Your Flag Festival, Jf Brou is passionate about empowering 19 to 24-year-olds live their best lives. Discover his full story here!

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