There are coworking spaces with co-living accommodation in the world that somehow manage to offer a table, chair, internet connection, and place to sleep for $99. If you’re on a shoestring budget and willing to live in an Asian shoebox outside a major city, you’d be amazed how cheaply you can live and work.

That may be an admirable setup at the beginning of your career when your time isn’t valuable and you just need some breathing room to launch a business or develop your skills. However, as you grow and begin to look at larger business opportunities, cheaping out quickly stops being worth it.

Your environment directly contributes to your sense of well-being. It’s hard to draw inspiration from a moldy ceiling, or even your average drab cubicle. Potential clients are also going to be unimpressed if your office’s electricity goes out halfway through your meeting. Sometimes saving money comes at the cost of your earning potential. Cheaper isn’t always better.

A coworking membership isn’t strictly an expense. It can also be seen as an investment in your career or business. Whether you’re looking for a prestigious workspace to impress clients, network with highly successful entrepreneurs, or just enjoy a lavish work environment, you’re sure to love these 4 luxurious coworking spaces!

Neuehouse – Hollywood

Neuehouse - Hollywood

Neuehouse – Hollywood

Most of us associate the word Hollywood with great wealth and creativity. These are the perfect words to describe Neuehouse Hollywood. Located on Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Boulevard, Neuehouse Hollywood is a magnificent seven-story coworking space. Housed in the historical 1938 CBS Radio Building, you can feel the creativity in the air at Neuehouse.

The coworking space caters to those working in design, fashion, publishing, and architecture. Due to its seven stories of work environments along with countless sound stages and recording studios, Neuehouse Hollywood has been a favorite workspace of countless creative legends such as Bob Dylan, Orson Welles, and Lucille Ball.

The work environments feature large chandeliers, two outdoor decks, North African decorative elements, and huge windows that pour in the warm California sun. While membership is by application only, there’s no doubt you’ll feel inspired working at Neuehouse Hollywood if accepted.


With dozens of coworking spaces in New York City, the local coworking competition is stiff. It’s hard to stay in business, let alone thrive. Workville seems to be doing just fine, however, with its over 300 members. It isn’t difficult to see why so many thought leaders and industry disruptors love Workville.

The coworking space has an airy environment comparable to any 5-star hotel. Moreover, its 21st floor outdoor terrace offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Working 75 meters (246 feet) above Broadway and taking in a sunset from your private balcony is sure to be one of the working highlights of your year.

Workville Coworking Space

Workville Coworking Space

Best of all, Workville’s management keeps things classy. In the New York City coworking scene, Workville is known for having some of the most hands-on and personable management. Space managers are also accommodating of the evolving needs of coworking members. Recently Workville launched a new coworking floor with offices exclusively for large teams of 8 to 25 members after repeated member requests.

The staff at Workville also help maintain a coworking atmosphere which is the perfect blend between professional and friendly. Whether it’s the sweet location on Broadway, the airy coworking environment, or a cafe lounge highlighted by white marble and sculptural lights, Workville offers NYC residents a luxurious coworking experience they won’t soon forget.

The Continent Hotel, Bangkok

The Continent Hotel, Bangkok

Bangkok’s Continent Hotel has one of the finer coworking spaces in the city. With incredible views of Sukhumvit Road from the 39th floor, it isn’t hard to feel on top of the world while working from the Continent Hotel’s coworking space. Its members would surely agree that the space is an excellent escape from the hustle, bustle, and noise of Bangkok’s busy streets.

Apart from the excellent views, this coworking space also features comfortable seating, blazing fast wi-fi, food, drinks, and an upscale entrepreneurial community. If you have an important business meeting, the best place in the city to host it is The Continent Hotel’s coworking space.

Any potential client or business partner is sure to be impressed by the space’s classy environment. Plus, as day turns to night, you’ll have the opportunity to watch as the 39th floor transforms from a coworking space to an elegant city-view lounge.

Gravity Coworking

Sydney is seen by many as a city of great wealth and opportunity. This reputation manifests itself beautifully at Sydney’s Gravity Coworking. This coworking space boasts modern furniture, a spacious work environment, and abundant natural lighting. Gravity Coworking isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, however.

The coworking space also has all the facilities needed to help you produce the best work of your life. Consider that you have the ability to choose from working from an individual desk, a group desk, a quiet lounge, a meeting area, or even the breakout room. Some recovery opportunities are also available when your focus begins to wane. An on-site kitchen is available to help you refuel in addition to an outdoor space when you just need a bit of fresh air.

Gravity Coworking

Don’t forget the most important part of being a member of Gravity either. The heart of Gravity Coworking is its community. With techies, freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, and other independent professional you’ll surely find someone working on a similar project you can mastermind with. The two of you may even have the opportunity to collaborate!

Joining Gravity Coworking will give you a work environment where you can feel comfortable in your favorite jeans and shirt. Yet, working alongside some of Sydney’s brightest minds will also help you develop your network and make you proud of the place you work.


The world has thousands of fancy places to work from. As such, we couldn’t include some of our favorite luxurious coworking spaces like The Work Project in Singapore. Given that we couldn’t even include all of our favorite places to work, we’ve surely missed some of your favorites as well. What’s your number one upscale coworking space? Be sure to let us know in the comments!