It is officially autumn now, which means that we are almost done with the New Year’s resolutions we set all those months ago. But by the looks of our Family Members here at OneCoWork New Years Resolutions last all year round; we clearly have a bunch of determined, highly motivated and exceptionally fit bunch! Whether you train on the beach, go to the gym or are a big fan of CrossFit we would like to remind you that making little healthy choices and taking breaks while inside the office are as important for your fitness goals as those big training sessions! Here are few exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily work routine while not having to move beyond a metre from your desk!

1.Take the stairs

There are plenty of health benefits of taking the stairs. No need to sprint up the stairs and build up a sweat, but just a few extra steps every day build up. On the other hand, you need to know that climbing stairs alone will not put you in great shape. You will have to stay away from vending machines, Starbucks Frappuccinos and do some of the exercises below. Let’s continue.

Office exercise
2. Tricep dips

First, get yourself in a comfortable position and draw your shoulders back and down your back; you want to start with good posture. Sometimes we tend to let our shoulders fall forward putting unnecessary pressure on our upper back which can lead to serious injury. Open your chest and bring your hands directly under your shoulders on the chair. Then bring your legs out in front of you, keeping the knees bent (or legs extended if you want to make it more challenging!). Finally, just bend the elbows, lowering your body down towards the floor and then exhale, extending your elbows and lifting your body up. Inhale down, exhale up. On repeat!

Coworking Exercises
3. Calf Raises

Moving on to the lower body! Whenever you are standing in a queue for a coffee machine or waiting for your turn to print a monthly report, use your time wisely and do some calf raises. Make sure to keep your shoulders back, core tight and stand straight. By the time you get to print that report you should feel the burn. Good one, isn’t it?

Coworking Exercises

4. Side leg lifts

You will start off standing, with all your weight on one leg. From there just lift the leg sideways, engaging your glutes and then lower it. Make sure your upper body is stable and you do not shift sideways. Try to engage your abs and core. Let’s burn those vending machines cookies! After a few repetitions, you will really feel your glutes burn!

Side Leg Lifts
5. Squats

There are a million different types of squats. However, being in the office maybe it’s wise to start with your own body weight! Start with your feet shoulder width apart and think about keeping your knees in a good position and your weight in your heels. Then, push your hips back and down as if you are about to sit down on a chair! Do as many reps as you can, don´t go easy on yourself-minimum 10 please!


6. Wall sits

Ok, this might be not how you sit in the office every day, but it is such a great exercise that we must include it! Why? Because it helps you to concentrate, reduces the stress and strengths your abs. What’s not to love. Also, you can challenge your colleagues to see which one will last the longest.

Coworking Workouts
7. Knee pull in

We all wish crusty pizza with double mozzarella gave us abs, but one does not simply get abs in a week so you better work for it. For this exercise, you will need a bit more space. Position yourself comfortably on the chair and hold your hands on the back for the stability. Simply pull your knees towards the chest and exhale.

Knee Pull In

We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before doing any kind of exercise in the office. You also agree that you do so at your own risk, and agree to release and discharge OneCoWork from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising after reading this article.