Freelancers and startup business owners who use coworking spaces report being highly motivated and thriving in their roles. Infact, they measure themselves at a six on a seven out of ten in terms of motivation. This is a much higher average than freelancers who work from home and even traditional office workers. Coworking is a disruptive business model that can make you a more successful entrepreneur. It’s why they’re growing in popularity all around the globe.

Here’s seven reasons why small businesses flourish in coworking spaces.

Affordable startup costs

Startup Set up

If you’re starting a business venture on your own, you are likely to have a very limited budget. That means that you may not be able to afford startup costs such as office space, internet and other office supplies and equipment. Coworking spaces provide the affordable alternative. For a low rental fee you can have access to high-tech office supplies and all the equipment you need. Plus, there are no long term contracts usually. You can use the space for as short of a time as you like and save on your overhead costs.

Professional looking space to meet clients

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If you are holding meetings with potential clients, meeting at your home or a local coffee shop can look very unprofessional and can cost you the contract. With coworking spaces, you can meet with clients in a professional capacity and conduct your meeting in the privacy of a meeting room or a quiet space.

Great place to network

Delegates Networking At Conference Drinks Reception

Working alongside others in different industries provides a great networking experience. You can make fantastic professional connections that can come in handy further down the track. After all, you never know how successful the business person you are sat next to could go on to be…

More social

Become a leader

Group of friends talking and laughing while working on a project

One of the biggest drawbacks of a freelancing career is that it can be very lonely. You spend most of your day alone and often go several hours without speaking to another person. This can be very isolating, demoralising and even unmotivating. With a coworking space, you get all of the perks of working for yourself without the loneliness aspect derailing your career! There’s often events you are more than welcome to attend.

Motivating work environment

No office politics

One of the biggest complaints heard from traditional office workers is that they hate the office politics. Internal disputes about unfair behaviour, favouritism and general office misdemeanours take up too much time and energy and create an unhealthy environment to be in. This is not the case in coworking spaces. Because everyone works independently, there is less conflict.

On-site talent pool

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of coworking spaces is that there is so much talent in one place that you can use. Say, if you need to hire a graphic designer quickly, you may find one sat across the table from you who would be happy to help you out. This is an efficient and time-saving way to hire.