Socializing with coworkers is essential for you. It helps you and your career in multiple ways. It boosts your communication skills and helps you build trust in like-minded individuals. Especially in a coworking space, where you meet people from varying domains, building healthy relationship with your coworkers can be really good for your business.

We all want to come across as an impactful person. But more often, people overdo their efforts to socialize and find themselves in awkward positions instead.

So what does it take to be social, exactly? How can you win over your coworkers and present yourself like an intelligent, friendly individual?

Make your presence felt

Before worrying about having a good or a bad impression, you need to make the impression first. Have your say when asked for a suggestion. Participate in public events whenever possible. Remember the key here is to get noticed, but don’t overwhelm people with your presence. Avoid advising people unnecessarily.

The KISS rule (Keep it simple, silly!)

 Greet people daily whenever you encounter them. Offer a simple greeting with a cheerful smile. When someone wants to speak to you, make yourself available. Say “Yes” from time to time when you are invited along for an outing.

Remember names 

More than any other word, a person loves his or her own name. If you want to come across as a friendly person, try to remember the names of people you meet ]and greet them by their names to leave a positive impression.

Don’t be “that” guy 

Make sure you are not bothering anyone. Be careful of this! Nothing can be more annoying than a persuasive coworker who simply won’t take the hint and stay away.

The key is not overdoing 

 Office parties and social events can be great when you want to make friends. And it is appreciated if you try and loosen up by taking a couple of drinks. But always drink responsibly and don’t be pressured into drinking more than you can handle to just to ‘fit in.’
8 Tips to Socialize with Your Coworking Neighbors

Be a good listener 

Make sure you listen first when you are having a conversation. But don’t just listen; be genuinely interested in the projects that your coworkers are doing. Give generous appreciation to their ideas and journey so far.

Gossiping about other coworkers 

While the easiest way to bond with human beings is by gossiping about other coworkers or sharing the inconveniences that you are facing in the coworking space, this isn’t the way to handle yourself in a professional environment. Keep your opinions to yourself if you want to come across as a calm and kind person.

Avoid self-flattery 

You might be doing a great deal of work, but nobody wants to talk to a person who keeps obsessing over their personal achievements. Instead, try to understand what your fellow coworkers are doing. Ask them questions about their work and make them feel important.