His Excellency, The Vice President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) will be attending the coworking Conference as a Keynote speaker. He will be delivering THE keynote speech, inaugurating Nigerian Innovators’ Platform and interacting with entrepreneurs across the country, who are building and shaping Nigeria through your various ideas and platforms.

Earlier in the year, the VP did a tour of Hubs, Coworking Spaces and Entrepreneurs who are building amazing products and services, transforming the entire landscape of Nigeria; from Technology to Agriculture, Media to Insurance. Most of these businesses trace their origin to one Coworking space/Hub or another. For instance, our “Featured Innovator” of CWC 2018, Iyin Aboyeji’s Flutterwave kicked off from Venia Hub, and has now gone on to become arguably the biggest success stories of Africa’s Fintech Industry. This is what this conference is all about, and we’re glad that the Vice President whose mantra since taken office has been “nation building through innovation”, will be “collaborating” with entrepreneurs in the true spirit of Coworking.

About Coworking Conference

Coworking is redefining the future of work. Globally, over 1 million people work in Coworking spaces and the numbers keep growing.  In Africa, over 250 Coworking spaces have sprung up in the last 3 years and Nigeria has not been left out.  Last year, Nigeria’s first ever Coworking Conference held in Lagos, the conference unboxed the opportunities and benefits in coworking. This year, the conference will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, service providers, operators and policy drivers, to explore the interesting innovations, key partnerships and trends that is causing the industry’s explosion and value creation across multiple sectors all over the world.  Come, let’s Cowork And Innovate!

Coworkingng Conference Speakers

Registrations are open till midday 25th July 2018 via coworkingng

Attendance is FREE but registration is required.

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Coworkingng Conference